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How To Get Started with Minimalism

  Everyone has their own reasoning for seeking a simpler lifestyle whether it be more financial stability, a cleaner ...

The 12 Best Secret Instagram Photo Locations In Chicago

If you’re from the Chicago area or just visiting for a while, here are some little known Instagram spots around the c...

10 Tips for Making the Most of a Studio Apartment

Big cities and tiny apartments go hand in hand and finding functional ways to live in a small space can be overwhelmi...

A Guide to Gift Giving for Minimalists

As a minimalist how should you handle gift giving during the holidays? Buying more stuff is pointless right? Not nece...

Best Spots for Hiking Around Chicago

The Chicago Metro area may not be known for its geography but taking a trip outside the city can offer a vast amount ...

Ultimate Guide to Tailgating at Solider Field

If you are going to a Chicago Bear’s game or another game at Soldier Field, tailgating is a must. Here is everything ...

Ultimate Guide to Camping Around Chicago

Our handpicked list of the best spots to camp around Chicago with all the info you need for your next adventure.

Best Oculus Rift Games To Demo Virtual Reality

What game should someone new to virtual reality try first? Here is our list in order from least to most intense....

Introducing Bevy & The End of Ownership

Why Bevy? We are big believers that startups have to start with a mission. The world doesn’t need another social app ...
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