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About Us:

We need your help to create a world where you aren’t restricted by the things you own.

As you sit there reading this, the world is evolving. We are no longer defined by our possessions. We are defined by the sum of our experiences. Buying that new gadget won't change who you are as a person, but an unforgettable weekend camping trip with your friends almost certainly will.

The reality is that many experiences require specialized equipment. Normally for these activities, you have to buy everything, which is prohibitively expensive for many people and takes up precious storage space 99% of the time when it's not in use.

Many of us city dwellers live in small apartments and storing a beer pong table in the living room is not well-received. Buying and storing camping or tailgating equipment is completely out of the question.

Bevy provides everything you need, but don’t want to own, for amazing experiences like camping, tailgating, virtual reality, beer pong and karaoke. We curate the best and easiest to use equipment in our online store, bring it right to your door when you need it, and take it back when you’re done.

Bevy is led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and is backed by the University of Chicago. You can read more about Bevy in Chicago Inno, Built in Chicago, and Voyage.

A world without ownership is coming and we are perfectly positioned to deliver it. If you have ever wanted to be on the ground floor of one of the hottest technology startups, now is your opportunity.


We have a service that customers love and and are growing quickly, but we need you to take us to the next level. You will lead our customer acquisition efforts. This is a hands on position. You will have help, but this is not a sit back and direct kind of company.


  • Manage our customer acquisition pipeline
  • Devise and implement content strategy
  • Manage our social media accounts and grow our followings
  • Manage and grow our email newsletter

Contact: Email cover letter & resume to colin@bevyme.com


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