Big Screen Movie Night - Custom

Big Screen Movie Night - Custom - Bevy Experience Rental Chicago

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Why go to the movie theater when the movie theater can come to you? Set this up and prepare to be amazed. 

Perfect for patio, rooftop, park, big living rooms, and backyard movie screenings. 
Need assistance with a custom booking or other dates? Contact us


  • Movie Screen - A big screen movie requires a big screen. Our screen measures roughly 10 feet diagonally and about 8 feet tall with the legs. It works great both indoors and outside. 
  • Home Theater Projector - Feel like you are at the movies with this amazing projector! It is compatible with most laptops, DVD/Blu-ray players, and the  AppleTV, but not smartphones or tablets. We include an HDMI cable, 20 ft. extension cord, power strip, and a Thunderbolt adapter. It must be dark to see the projection. 
  • Theater Speaker System - Our powerful speaker system immerses you in the movie. It is Bluetooth enabled so you can easily pair it with your phone, laptop, or even our DVD/Blu-ray player. Comes with audio cable to connect to a laptop, or other audio sources via the headphone port.
  • Retro Popcorn Machine - The real hit of the show. Our old school popcorn maker is super easy to use and makes a ton of popcorn in under 5 minutes. 
  • Gourmet Popcorn Bags (2) - Each packet includes kernels, oil and salt, perfectly pre-measured to get you popping! Each packet serves 3-4 people.
  • Low Foldable Chairs (4) - Kick your legs out, sit back and relax in these low lounging folding chairs designed for optimal movie watching comfort. 
  • La Playa Blanket (4) - Perfect for snuggling in anything from summer days to winter nights. All blankets are made on in-home looms by artisans in Mexico. Measures 73" x 48" with 1-2 person snuggling capacity. 
  • Projector Table - A 15.5" high and 27.5" wide table to set your projector up on.

How Bevy Works?

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What's Included

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The Best Products

We curate the highest quality products and test them extensively for ease of use and durability. We also own all the equipment so we can ensure the highest quality experience.

 Huge Savings

Save thousands of dollars off retail by bevying instead of buying. No more buyer's remorse for things that just sit in your closet. We handle the buying and storing of everything so you don’t have to.

Doorstep Convenience

Free delivery and pickup in Chicago. Get whatever you want without having to buy it. Easy as that.

Green Thumb

Rest easy knowing that every bundle you bevy instead of buying leads to fewer landfill items and less wasted storage space.


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What is Bevy?

Bevy provides everything you need to have awesome experiences. Our goal is to help you live your best life all while owning less. We curate the best and easiest to use equipment, drop it off at your door when you need it, and pick it up when you're done. 

How clean will everything be? 

We are absolutely obsessed with cleanliness here at Bevy. Every product is thoroughly cleaned after use. All dishes and cookware are put through the dishwasher and are guaranteed to be sanitary and hygienic. Blankets and other machine washable items are laundered after every use so they are guaranteed to be clean. 


Do you deliver?

Yes. We currently deliver to a good portion of Chicago's neighborhoods. We go as far north as Lakeview, as far west as Humboldt Park, and as far South as the Loop. You can see our service area on this map

What does delivery cost? 

$80 for drop off and pickup. 

Do I need to tip?

No tips are accepted! So no need to do math or fumble for cash.

Where do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to a good portion of Chicago's neighborhoods. We go as far north as Lakeview, as far west as Humboldt Park, and as far South as the Loop. You can see our service area on this map

What if I’m outside of your delivery service area?

We have a few options for you: We can deliver to your work or a friend/relative's house in our delivery zone or you can come pickup everything at our Lincoln Park warehouse. Shoot us a message and we can make a plan. 

Will you deliver and pick up from different locations?

Yes as long as both locations are with in our delivery service area and we have coordinated the locations beforehand. 

Do I have to be there for delivery and pickup?

Yes we require that someone is there for delivery and pickup so we can be sure that you receive everything and so we can answer any questions you may have. If you are comfortable with taking the liability of leaving everything with the doorman, that is ok with us. 

Can I pick up and drop the stuff off myself?

Yes if you would like to do that please send us a message and we can find a time for you come by our Lincoln Park warehouse.

How do I change my delivery/pickup time?

If you would like to do that please send us a message. 

When will my order arrive? 

We will shoot you a text to coordinate deliveries and pickups. 


How do reservations work?

You select your drop off and pick up dates on the details during check out and we will text you to arrange times. 

How long do I get to keep everything?

Most reservations are for the weekend with delivery on Thursday/Friday and a pick up on Monday/Tuesday. 

If you need an experience for longer, we are happy to work with you to make it happen. Just shoot us a note.   


Do I need to clean the products before I return them? 

Bevy only works as a community if people treat all the rentals well. Please treat everything as if you are borrowing it from a good friend. For most products a simple wipe down and disassembly is all that is needed. 

Returning items damaged beyond normal wear and tear or excessively dirty may result in your losing access to Bevy or being charged to replace the product. 

What if I run into issues with a product while using it?

We try our best to source the easiest to use products and deliver detailed instructions on how to use. If you do run into trouble please shoot us an email or a text and we will  do whatever we can to make sure you have a good experience. 

What if a product I have gets lost or broken?

Some wear and tear is understandable. Significant damage and theft is not. If an item is returned beyond repair or never returned, we will have to charge you the retail price of the good. 



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